We will always strive to make timely shipments of clients’ orders at the most competitive price to attain optimum customer satisfaction. After making an order for any of our products:-– Emails, calls, or faxes will be exchanged to specify details on quality, quantity, packing, delivery, payment terms, etc.

. We send a formal letter of offer.
. A draft contract is been issued for large orders to agree on all terms of term and to guarantee buyer and seller 
. Buyer will confirm the order quantity of goods and then send company details for proforma invoice
. A Proforma Invoice is prepared and issued to the buyer for payment confirmation based on agreed payment terms 
. Seller confirms payment and does shipment within 2 – 5 working days based on order quantity

As much as Nasta Tradings works to satisfy customers and to build a mutual friendship between our valued customers, Please kindly go through our terms and conditions to avoid future conflicts.


Nasta Trading accepts Visits ONLY upon appointment booking. Appointment schedules take from 4 to 8 weeks. For more information and bookings, Please kindly send us an appointment email.


We advise buyers to review each contract page as the signed contract takes immediate effect. Any later adjustments are considered null and void


Buyers MUST be aware that Proforma Invoices are ONLY issued after seller and buyer agreements. Once Proforma Invoice is being Issued payment is expected to be done within 2-3 working days.


All shipping documentation is scanned and emailed to buyers immediately upon shipment departure while originals are executed via DHL or FedEx Express delivery respectively


– All payments for goods must be made via international wire transfer directly to one of our bank accounts which we have within the EU regions of  France, Germany, Hungary, Turkey, Portugal, and Greece. Client’s consignments are shipped after the payment confirmation in one of our bank accounts given in our signed Invoice,   Kindly contact us through phone/email after you have made a payment for confirmation.

Our payment terms is strictly T/T payment. 
Clients are expected to email us with the scanned proof of the payment from your bank, so we can release your order/consignment immediately to be shipped. You are responsible for all bank transfer fees. We will ship your order once your payment is received and confirmed.

There will be no shipment booking confirmation for your order/consignment until the payment agreed deposit is received in our account.


In case of cancellation or dispute after payments, We do offer a maximum of 1  to 2 weeks for a refund. Some refunds are 100% depending on the trade terms


We reserve the right to refuse disclosure of some documentation as it might concern our supplier’s information. It is one of our policies to protect our supplier’s information.



We reserve the right to cancel orders we are not satisfied with (Applicable to Minimum orders, delivery conflict ports, etc.) – We reserve the right to choose our Customers Respectively


For More Information Regarding our Terms and Conditions, Please kindly contact us for clarification